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What is SLAM Magazine?

A: The acronym SLAM stands for Support Local Arts & Music. The purpose of this magazine is to aid in the organization of valley culture, and to raise awareness of local arts and music.

Q: Where did SLAM magazine come from?
A: A group of very frustrated local music promoters decided to found the magazine in hopes of gaining support for local culture from the community. They believed that the reason there was a lack of support for local artists and musicians was because the general population was not aware Phoenix had any culture to support.

Q: What is the goal of the magazine?
A: The goal of S.L.A.M magazine is to help the community to communicate. We want bands, artists, promoters, and venues to know about each other. We also want people who are new to the valley to know about the culture here so they can participate in it. Our goal is to make sure that we never have to hear another person say “There’s nothing to do here, this city is completely dead.”

Q: What separates SLAM Magazine from other local magazines?
A: Other local magazines include movie reviews, national band reviews, sports, and other things which do not make our city unique. SLAM Magazine is a publication devoted solely to showcasing Phoenix culture.

Q: What is the circulation and distribution of SLAM Magazine?
A: We are always growing and expanding both the quality and quantity of our production. Along with the same great staff of talented professionals, dedicated to AZ culture, we also have generous support from our sponsors and advertisers. We have gone from just 500 issues a month last year to 5,000 copies bi-monthly this year! We distribute SLAM in independent record stores and venues around the great state of Arizona, including Phoenix-metro, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Mesa, Tucson, Flagstaff, and Prescott!